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Turning My Shame Into My Pride

she's nothing more than fiction

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10 October 1980
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I hate these things...ok, this is me. born and raised in the city, finally got my english/anthropology degree from Temple, teaching English in South Korea for a year. I'm kinky, submissive, and happy...and sometimes slutty. I'm rabidly political, an environmentalist, a feminist, a failed vegetarian, a total nerd, pansexual, and all pierced up. I love languages and get really excited about etymology. I may look punky, I can be quite goth, I might be a synthpop-type rivethead...since i'm not a canning jar, more than one type of label can fit on me. Damn labels. Want to know more? Get to know me in person already.

I refuse to abandon my livejournal to the capricious and vapid abyss of facebook. If you're reading this, I'm glad you're here.
1984, 80's music, anarchism, ani difranco, apoptygma berzerk, aquateen hunger force, army surplus, barbara kingsolver, bats, bdsm, biking, bitch and animal, bjork, black wifebeaters, body modification, bohemia, bondage, books, boots, bow ever down, boys, bright red lipstick, cats, cheese, christopher moore, chuck palahniuk, clockwork orange, clubbing, coffee, covenant, cradle of filth, cruising, dancing, dar williams, depeche mode, dirty jokes, dogma, drag kings, drag shows, ebm, edward gorey, electronica, fake meat, fetish shows, fight club, fishnets, flesh field, floggers, folk, futurama, genderfuck, george orwell, girl rock, girls, goldfish crackers, goth, grammar, graveyards, growing my own veggies, guitar hero, hair dye, handcuffs, hannibal lecter, hungry lucy, industrial, industrial music, intellectuals, james duval, jhonen vasquez, john waters, johnny depp, joyce carol oates, jthm, kevin smith, kink, leather, lily allen, mary prankster, massiv in mensch, mind bending films, modelling, mojitos, monty python, needles, neil gaiman, nocturne, pain, penguins, philadelphia, piercings, plaid, platforms, poe, procrastination, rasputina, reading, rent, requiem for a dream, revolution, rivetheads, rocky horror picture show, roman dirge, s&m, sex, shakespeare, sleep, smoking, snakes, spooky, stomping, sushi, synthpop, tank girl, tapping the vein, tattoos, tequila, thai food, the boondock saints, the matrix, the simpsons, tim burton, tori amos, vinyl, vnv nation, west philly, wine, wolfsheim, wumpscut, yuengling

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