Machina (diablaxmachina) wrote,


 .....I haz one. Or I can, at least.

I'm currently qualified to teach at universities in Korea, which involves no rent, excellent money, good vacation time. After a year of doing that, I could go to a university in Chile, Oman, Abu Dhabi, Taiwan, Istanbul, for comparable pay, usually with free flights, no rent, a month or more of vacation. Or I could stay in Korea and visit anywhere else I want. 

I'm a *good* teacher. Perhaps in the US, there is a diminishing need for good grammar and spelling, but in TESOL, people still need to know those details. And they need to know *why*, too, and I'm good at understanding and explaining that. I'm good at language and figuring out new places, and I thrive off of change. I really think this is where my life needs to go.
I always thought I wanted domestic bliss; meeting my soulmate, buying a home, settling into a neighborhood where I felt known and comfortable, knowing all the fun little spots to go in my city, having children. I don't NOT want those things. But I want this more. I want adventure, and exploration, and job satisfaction, and to avoid stasis. And I realize that I  may ultimately be able to have both...but if relinquishing the domestic bliss fantasy is the price I pay for having an authentic, exciting life abroad, I'm ok with that.
But I'm NOT getting rid of my books.
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