Machina (diablaxmachina) wrote,


 I LOVE Always Sunny.

Sweet Dee: "I wanna bash you, bunny. I wanna give you one good bash and eat your sweet delicious meat."
Frank: "You can't eat the rabbit, Deandra, it's got my soul!"
Sweet Dee: "Maybe i'll suffocate you. i'll suffocate your rabbit face and i'll just suck all the life out of it, and then twist your neck, and..."

On a more serious note, in less than 24 hours I will be airborne back to Philadelphia. I'm feeling ambivalent. Not really wanting to leave, but looking forward to a lot of stuff at home. 

Also a little nervous about being unemployed. I've worked since I was 17, except for freshman year of college. It may have been foolish to assume I'd find something easily at home. I guess we'll see.
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