Machina (diablaxmachina) wrote,


 I just showed a picture of Lucy, Daughter of the Devil to my friend Steve, for the basis of costume comparison. He let loose a resounding "OH MY GOD" that shook the computer lab, followed with "But that's YOU! That's EXACTLY you! If you'd told me that a friend of yours drew a cartoon of you and this was it, I wouldn't be surprised at all! OH MY GOD."

This pleases me greatly. 
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are the rest of us going to get to see said picture? ;-)
Well, my userpic for one! He wasn't even commenting on my costume, just the fact that the character in general resembles my style, face shape, etc. But sure, I'll post a pic of the costume as well!
Oh DUDE. I am going to go have a million trillion babies like right this second. SO CUTE.