Machina (diablaxmachina) wrote,

like a shotgun full of mascara

 Definitely an appropriate image for last night. Twas my birthday weekend! A bunch of friends and I went to see Rocky Horror (the live stage version) in Seoul. There was eye makeup in abundance! It was so weird having to be silent at a Rocky Horror show, but I didn't want to ruin it for the live actors or the Korean audience. It was interesting to see how they did some of the scenes; the 'Transylvanians' sort of operated as a visible stage crew/pack of ghouls/greek chorus throughout the whole thing, pushing the car through the 'woods' and making the appropriate noise when Brad rolled down his window. And the bedroom scene was actually really steamy for Korea! My favorite parts, though, were at the end...Frank got an audience member to kiss him on the cheek for a flower, then tricked him and went for the lips....and then the whole cast led the whole audience in doing the Time Warp! SO worth the experience alone to see a bunch of Koreans doing the Pelvic Thrust (that really drives you insay-ay-ay-ay-ane!).

After it was over, we jetted over to Itaewon to see a friend's band play. We were worried we'd missed them, with all the Seoul weekend traffic, but we actually got there early enough to catch a final round of PUB QUIZ!!!!! I had no idea there was pub quiz in Korea! I may need to go back, even though National Mechanics is only a few months away! The band went on around 11:30. They're called Shotgun Mascara, and they do hair metal and 80's covers. Nothing groundbreaking, but lots of fun! We all danced and sang along and waved lighters in the air. A total stranger bought me and Abby shots for our birthdays, and the band did a shoutout for us too. I got checked out more than once, which was nice; the occasional appreciative glance mitigates all the Korean weirded-out staring I usually get. After the band played, we bar-hopped a bit and actually ended up in a country-western bar called the Grand Ol Opry. Totally not my usual style, but there are no regular goth nights here! C. and I danced together to a few songs, which was really sweet and fun, and which will totally stand out alone in an otherwise-blurry pool of many drunken birthday nights. I can't believe I'm 30.

Today I am feeling the post-shotgun effect. I slept till 12:30 PM and plan to be lazy alllllll day, including a nice bath, and MAYBE going out to see fireworks in Seoul this evening. We got home well after 4 AM, so I'm calling it a successful weekend no matter WHAT I do with my actual birthday. 

ALSO! I got some nifty gifties, including an external hard drive, a very Korean stuffed animal which may also be a hand-pillow (???), some Lush nummies, and an amazon gift certificate. And there are still packages from home heading my way! The month will wrap up with a goth party on Halloween, which I will shamelessly take a half day off work in order to attend. And there will be belated partying when I get home, because turning 30 on 10/10/10 is one of those occasions that must be epically celebrated!
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