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zero hour, 9 AM...

I leave tomorrow morning. I have been remarkably calm about this whole thing. Nay, FREAKILY calm. I got spazzed out for about an hour on Tuesday, and that's about it (save the misunderstanding that jolted me into serious action back in July when I had a full out panic attack...) I'm not sure why i'm so zen about all this, but i'm glad to know i can be a calm person when i need to be. I've just figured out what needed to be done, and then done it. Was it always this easy? It seems surreal. Have i actually not accepted yet the fact that i'll be gone to a totally new place, alone? Or have i just had ample time to mentally prep? I DID decide to do this back in April....

Goodbyes have been said, and i am very reassured that my friends will all be here when i get back, and won't forget about me. I got to do lots of cool stuff before i left, and i'm looking forward to doing a lot more when i get back. I will of course miss everyone, and i hope the same movies are released over there as in the US, because it would suck to have to wait a year to see 9 and Alice in Wonderland....but otherwise, what's a year? It's no time at all once you're dead...and what a relief, too, to be able to do something worth talking about.

Time to put away the computer for tomorrow, and to try and get some sleep. It's going to be insane. And amazing. And totally different from anything else I've done. Kick. Ass.
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